© 2019 by David Ryther. 



January 17, 2019

The future is integration!

It is not mandatory to choose one or the other.

The best of both worlds can be yours.

Evolution does not need to entail removal. 

Merge love. Merge passion.

Intertwine the things that have elevated you. 


January 7, 2019

We are the masterpieces and the works  in progress.

We are the sages and the students.

We are the fully-blossomed gardens that are still growing.


          Always evolving.

          Always reaching greater heights.

Return to Artistic Freedom

December 13, 2018

We, the artists and architects of Gaia, now return to the cosmic studio;
to the space where we are free once again to experiment, 
to be original,
and to redefine what it means to create meaning.

Myriad perspectives ignored because of a rigid vantage;
one which tries to fit a square peg into a round hole.

What is chaos to the spider is normal for the fly. 
And the division between chaos and tranquility is one which cannot be bridged by any degree of molding; only by death. 
Rip out the wings of the fly or let the spider die trying to grow wings. 

Ego burdens itself for fear of phantoms that materialize from the mess of distorted memories. 

But it is a choice.

Coexistence and appreciation of diversity lifts an illusory veil;
one which is self-created.